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Developer. Does consultancy work from own company. Lives in Bergen, Norway.

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Algorithmic bluetooth tenderloin

We had a tapas night at my place recently with all the usual suspects such as bacon & dates, blue cheese & shrooms, etc.. In addition to this Magnus brought over a large piece of beef tenderloin because he wanted to try out my SousVide-O-Mator. To cook a steak medium-rare the temperature to aim for is 54.5°C, while medium is reached at 60°C. We wanted it closer to medium-rare than medium. The machine was set at 55°C, and left until it would converge on the set temperature. We added the beef (and a bell pepper for some reason.. just to experiment I guess..) and waited. A couple of hours later (you can find the safe temperature vs time (pasteurization time) for your meat over at Douglas Baldwin's site).

The end result is what you see in the picture (not the best picture though, but we wanted to eat it - no time for posing..), we seared it quickly in a pan to kill surface bacteria and to get that nice brown maillard effect. Evenly pink, very moist and very tender.. :)

I've added bluetooth to my controller thanks to a $6 module I found at, this means that I can control it wirelessly and follow temperature graphs from my macbook.