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Go GPIO library for Raspberry Pi


Been playing a bit with Go-lang lately, it seems like a fun little language. Very minimalistic and clean, yet quite powerful - you can do so many things with the simple constructs they provide (especially the goroutines, channels and type-system). Sadly, it looks like it's pretty slow in benchmarks compared to the other natural alternatives - but it's still early.

Anyway, in an attempt to mix Gophers and Pi, I've made a small native GPIO library for Go on the Raspberry Pi (or the bcm2835 chipset in general). Nothing advanced, but it provides the usual suspects: PinMode (Output, Input), Write, Read, PullUp, PullDown, PullOff, etc. It works by memory-mapping the GPIO addresses in /dev/mem, so it will require root.

To use, and blink a little LED ("hello world" of the electronics/microcontroller realm) just do something like:

import (

func main() {
	if err := rpio.Open(); err != nil {
	defer rpio.Close()

	pin = rpio.Pin(10)

	for x := 0; x < 20; x++ {

Available over at GitHub. Would be awesome to add PWM, I2C, SPI, etc.. who knows, maybe one day..