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Clojure blog engine!

I've had a few times where I've tried to blog lately, but instead ending up closing the blog post in anger because of some stupid wordpress issue. Some times it would destroy my markup when trying to switch between visual mode and text mode, other times just plain stupid errors. I've been using a hosted blog for many years now, mostly out of convenience - but once the tools work against me I guess it's time to pack my bag and move on.

Static blog pages on S3

So I've jumped on the generated static page blog bandwagon, static pages hosted on Amazon S3 in this case. I've thought about doing this a few times, looking a bit at jekyll and similar generators.

A few months ago Magnar Sveen released Stasis. A minimalistic Clojure library for generating static pages. I tried it out and decided, hey, this is pretty cool, I can use this, and probably also learn a bit of Clojure in the process (been doing Clojure on and off for the last year or so.)

It's taken some time, I've been pretty busy lately and have only been able to put in a few hours in the evenings now and then - but, it's ready! Or at least ready enough to crank out a few initial pages. There's still lots to do, but, release early and iterate I guess :)

The code is over at Github if you're interested: Bløggr-clj.

Loading, serving and exporting

I'm using Stasis for loading assets (posts written in markdown) and exporting final pages. It also hooks into Ring (the main web-application library for clojure), allowing you to easily serve pages locally while testing.

With stasis you can do thing like the following, load a set of assets, do whatever processing you want (turn markdown into html, syntax highlight code block, add templates, etc, etc) and then either export it as files or serve it up using Ring.

(-> (stasis/slurp-directory "posts/" #"\.md$")
    (stasis/export-pages "export/"))


For markdown I'm using Cegdown, which is simply a clojure wrapper for Pegdown - a pure java markdown processor made using the PEG parser library. I tried a few different markdown processors, but this was the only one that managed to chew trough my blog-posts without too many hickups. Some of the others had trouble dealing with inline html in some corner cases, etc.

Now I write my posts using markdown, with a Clojure Edn header for metadata.

{:slug "clojure-blog-engine"
 :title "Clojure blog engine!"
 :date "2014-04-07 22:00:00+00:00"
 :image "/images/2014-04-07-new-blog-engine/header.png"
 :tags #{:blog :clojure}}

**Blablabla** markdown *bla*

1. markdown
2. more markdown

Syntax highlighting

For syntax highlighting I use Clygments. Which is a wrapper around the good old pygments highlighter you've probably seen hundreds of times (I believe Github uses it.). By wrapping a piece of code in a few tildes (and a language hint) it provides fast and easy highlighting for most languages out there - even for languages as old and awesome as SNOBOL4.

   OUTPUT = "Your name? "
   NAME = INPUT           :F(DONE)
   OUTPUT = "Hello " NAME :(ASK)
   OUTPUT = "Finished"


For templating I were stuck between Hiccup (love the name!), Enlive and Selmer. I ended up using Enlive, simply because I had a design I wanted to use that was already in HTML and also wanted to massage data using clojure data structures instead of a custom DSL. I have to say, Enlive isn't the easiest to get your head around (at least it wasn't for me), but David Nolen has a decent tutorial over on github.

(enlive/deftemplate post "layout/post.html"
  [:div#title] (enlive/content (:title post))
  [:div#content] (enlive/html-content (:content post)))

Using enlive you can do things like creating templates, and do selecting based on css-like selectors. It's also pretty good for scraping as you probably can guess.


RSS generation is done using clj-rss, a simple and small library for spitting out some rss-style XML.

(channel-xml {:title "Channel Title" :link "" :description "Channel desc"}
             {:title "Post title" :link "" :description "Content" :author ""}
             {:title "Another post" :link "" :description "More content" :author ""})


I really like clojure these days, this blog generator has been so fun to code. There are still some things to do, like generating a sitemap, tag overviews, better navigation and presentation of posts (front page sucks, etc.). But I'm planning to get those ironed out in the coming weeks.

I also want to change the URL of the blog, from to something on the But do not want to risk changing everything at once.

On a related note, I'm considering paying for a ticket to Euroclojure this summer. Previously I've only gone to free conferences, such as FOSDEM, since I've never worked at a place that had the resources to send me (or my collegues). This year I was really lucky and won a NDC-ticket, looking forward to that :) Euroclojure is pretty cheap, and in Poland as well, so heavily considering it. Would be awesome to hear a talk from Hickey and Nolen live, and the propolsals inbox from other speakers is looking promising! Also looking at Strangeloop, that would be totally awesome, but flight to a US-conference is pretty expensive.